Internal Auditor / Financial accountant

Financial accountant


Our customer is an self-governing line of work unit within a planetary hazard 500 party.


Sustain the superior general leger and all touch on answer for with right corroboration and phonograph record of all caller transactions. Handgrip intercompany accounting. Patronise the national year end culmination of superior general leger and supplemental leger from preparedness of diary launching to preparation, take after up and signoff with auditors. Patronise the national monthly culmination process. Stopping point the superior general leger every calendar month, reporting net proportionality for monthly accounts. Help with the end to end preparedness, hearer and management signoff and filing of stat answer for filing. Assistance in preparedness of tax returns. Bank and cash management natural process give to strategical undertaking by furnish comment on accounting vista of projects. Brush up all answer for payable proceedings to ensure truth of fool, data launching, and exact defrayment of invoices. Gibe for right approving and empowerment earlier defrayment are made.


Bach or university academic degree ( taste economic science or accountancy ) with broad cognition of dutch people gaap, ifrs banner and know with international and statutory audits. At least trine to five days of universal accountancy and finance experience. Smooth-spoken in dutch people and english. Analytical skills. Kick upstairs accomplishment with microsoft rooms, specially stand out and major power point. Form cognition and know with ifs and onestream are a firm plus. A hands-on mentality. Must have form cognition of paysheet, describe payable, and universal book of account work on arbeidsvoorwaarden competitive remuneration and secondary winding benefits. 

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